Thoughts for other name tags.  Heavy card-stock connected with a ring.  Listing all info about courses, schedule, map, etc.

Yay TEDx for ideas!

(Source: Flickr / tedxgrandrapids)

More photos of name badges and note books!  Love that the note books have lanyard hoops too!

(Source: Flickr / tedxgrandrapids)

Adam came home from the TEDxGrandRapids last night and showed me this genius name badge!  As you can see from the photos, it is personalized and has perforated contact information on the bottom of each page giving the attendee’s name and email address.  

I am really excited by these name badges and would LOVE to do something like this!

If you are interested in TEDxGrandRapids, please visit their website.


TEDxGrandRapids is about ideas worth spreading. Inspired by TED, TEDxGrandRapids invites speakers from around the world to share their best, world-changing ideas. Seven hundred fascinating audience members from a diverse cross-section of disciplines, interests and experiences will fill the seats at Grand Rapids Civic Theatre.

In 2012, TEDxGrandRapids explores the theme, “What now?” The open-ended question is an invitation to participants to reflect on the ideas that matter most in our world, right now.